As a family we love to travel to the States and Canada.

Over the past few years we have been to New York, Boston, Washington DC, Washington State, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, British Columbia and Alberta.

As you can see we have been around a bit!

I will post details of what have come to be known in our family as our North American adventures and offer some travel tips on how to survive airports, flights and road trips with three children with very different needs.


2 responses to “Travel

  1. Hi

    I’m hoping that you won’t mind me being totally cheeky and asking you a few questions. I found your blog through Thorntree as I’m heading to California with friends next week.

    We are making a quick stop in Yosemite as we’re aiming to do a LOT in a few weeks. We have rented a car and have accommodation. How much of Yosemite can you see by car? Can you see some of the good stuff, or do you really need to get out and hike? I’m not trying to avoid walking, just conscious of our time!

    I thought I would ask, as I read your post on Yosemite with great interest and it gave me some useful information!

    Thank you very much


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