Linn Hi-fi

This system has now been replaced. Please see the Hi-fi page for details.

My current system comprises:

VPI Classic with Denon DL304
AMR CD 777
Linn Akurate DS
Linn Majik Kollektor Pre-Amplifier
Linn Akurate 2200 Power Amplifier
Linn Majik 140 Loudspeakers

Next step will be to change the VPI Turntable for one that I have lusted after since being a teenager – the legendary LP12.

Just need to get the funds together to afford it!

Incidentally I got all my Linn Equipment from House of Linn situated just outside Manchester.

House of Linn is run by Brian and Trevor both of whom were formerly Linn employees and have a superb in depth knowledge of their products. And no, I got nothing from them for free – I had to fork out my hard earned cash I just think it is worth giving credit where it is due!

Click here for the House of Linn website home page

The system has recently gone through a complete overhaul and for various reasons I have now moved away from an all Linn set up.

The components are now:

Consonance Mini-Droplet CD Player

Squeezebox Touch

Consonance Cyber 10 Integrated Amplifier

Reference 3A Dulcet Loudspeakers

Review to follow of the new system………..


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