Leica X1 vs Fuji X100 – The Imaging Wars

There has been a huge amount of talk about the Fuji X100 on the internet and a quick search on Google throws up dozens and dozens of reviews. Unsurprisingly, the X100’s closest competitor the Leica X1, is often used as a direct comparator.

The basic question I wanted to ask about these two cameras is purely in terms of image quality which captures the best image. From what I have seen so far the Fuji beats, no thrashes, the X1 in everything from styling to build to features. But as with the 5D and M9 comparison is the X100 a super computer with a decent lens compared to the X1’s Leica lens and simple approach.

I have both of these cameras here at home. I need to chose between them. One has to be sold. In an ideal world I would keep both. But I don’t live in an ideal world.

So my review will focus totally on the quality of the image from the two cameras. Tons of web space has been devoted to the specifications of each and they can be distilled down to:

Fuji X100 – tons of features with a questionable user interface

Leica X1 – simple feature set with straightforward user interface

So over the next few days I will be taking as many images as I can with the two cameras to see which one I will go for.

I will even conduct some blind tests – similar to Steve Huff on his site – to see whether you can tell the difference between the two cameras.

To whet your appetites here is a selection of a daft photographs. I won’t say which is which just the aperture and shutter speed each was taken at. Do you know which is the X100 and which is the X1? These images, as a taster, are jpegs and are at the camera’s standard settings. I have made no other adjustments. I was merely interested at this stage what a a standard image straight out of the camera would look like.

1. f2.8 1/40 

2. f 2.8 1/30

3. f4 1/40

4. f4 1/40

Which do you prefer?


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