Linn Davaar – My Thoughts

Screenshot of Davaar on my Macbook Pro

Sounds like a character from Star Trek but it is in fact the latest version of Kinsky Desktop control point on my Mac. I finally got round to downloading it and have been listening to lots of different types of music since.

So what are the differences? Well operationally none as far as I can see. It certainly looks prettier than the last Cara version but in terms of ergonomics it would appear to be very similar.

As far as sound quality is concerned there are some subtle differences. To me the soundstage appears a little more holographic with instruments placed wider and deeper. Also music is presented cleaner and more, I am sorry, accurately without losing the organic qualities of Cara.

As I say though differences are subtle and nothing earth shattering. Just a small evolutionary step from Cara that seems to me well worth downloading. At least it is free and would appear to be reversible if one doesn’t take to it.

I would be really interested in the the thoughts of those that have “upgraded”.

Incidentally the Will Young album is the wife’s. Some other dodgy ones in there but that one is definitely not mine.


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