Leica M9 Review – Sample Images

Here are a few photographs taken with the M9 and Summarit 35mm 2.5. I had only had it for a week or two and not used it extensively outdoors because of the bad weather. This was the first sunny day that I was able to get outside and start shooting.

I love the balance of this image and those Leica colours

The M9 captures colours so well that I have not had to do any post processing to get what I want

The M9 captures the detail in the trees incredibly well

There is an arty feel to this image that I don’t think I could capture with my 5D

One last one. Again colour, sharpness and detail are all there

Okay not the greatest gallery in the world but for some of the first images taken with the M9 I was pretty satisfied with the results. Would the quality of these images convince me that the M9 would fulfil my requirements in a flexible compact camera system?

Full and final part of the review to follow…….


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