Linn System – The Photographs

For those interested here are some photographs of the Linn System.



Akurate DS


Majik Kontrol


Akurate 2200


Full Linn System

The system is still giving me huge amounts of pleasure. Being able to simply select songs on my iPad and then sit back and enjoy them with the best sound quality is incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

All photos taken with the Leica X1.

Thanks for looking.


4 responses to “Linn System – The Photographs

  1. Just upgraded to an Akurate myself. Sound quality is unbelievable. Ripped my entire CD collection to flac using the excellent dbpoweramp and now have an iPad jukebox.

    CD player is now being sold but still holding on to my Roksan Xerses TT though!

    • I can’t imagine life without mine. Best hi-fi purchase I have ever made.

      The Roksan t/t is an awesome bit of kit – I am not suprised that you intend keeping it!


  2. Been using Majik DS for 10 months. Just upgraded to the new Akurate two days ago. Sound more lucid, better focused and with authority. Love Songbook on my iPad. Never dreamed of such an enjoyable way of managing all my disc files with smoothness beyond words can described.

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