Slaid Cleaves


You know that you have hit rock bottom as a musician when to supplement your flagging music career you end up as a science experiment down on the “Farm”. The Farm is American slang for laboratories where drug companies pay you to try out their latest pharmaceuticals and then have you report the side effects.

And with Slaid Cleaves (great name, huh?) the characters in his songs reflect the everyday struggle that most working class people have to face – One Good Year is a great example of this.

Slaid’s albums are a cross between Americana and Country. He has an incredible raw voice that draws you into the characters lives he creates.


Broke Down would be the album I would recommend as a taster for what the man has to offer. When I first heard the first three tracks I was hooked.

Unsung is great too on which he sings songs written by up and coming or generally unknown songwriters that he admires. Flowered Dresses always brings a lump to my throat on this one.


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