Hotel Nightmare

Imagine the scene: you wake up in bed and immediately realise that you are somewhere strange. Somewhere you instinctively know you shouldn’t be.

Then it comes flooding back to you. You were out with work the previous night at a social function. A hotel room was booked for you.

You then realise that, hang on, this is not same room as you checked into the night before. Panicking, you look around the room. If you’re not in your room then who’s room are you in? What did you do last night?

What you do know is that you have to get out of there. You look for your clothes but they are no-where to be found. Your heart starts to race. Forget the fact you are naked other than your boxer shorts. Escape is the only thing on your mind. You step towards the door, open it and let it shut behind you.

A few steps down the hotel corridor and……

You wake up.

What the fuck?

What a time to sleepwalk.

So there I was, it was the early hours of the morning (I would later find out it was actually around 3.30am) standing in the corridor of a hotel with just my boxer shorts on.

I had two choices. I could either knock on the door of one of my colleagues and ask to sleep in their room. Or I could go down to reception and ask for a copy room key.

Knocking on a colleagues door? I knew what I would think if someone I worked with showed up at my door half naked in the early hours. If I went down this route I would no doubt get the door slammed in my face. Alternatively, knowing what one of the guys I worked with was like (any port in a storm, literally) I might get more that I bargained for.

So I had no choice and I sheepishly went down to reception. To be fair the night porter didn’t even flinch when he saw me.

I explained my situation. From his reaction he had clearly seen it all.

“What room number?” he asked.

I thought and stuttered and admitted that I had no idea.

“Name?”. This I did know and within a few seconds he located where I should be sleeping and I padded off back through reception and to my room, key in hand.

As soon as I got in I wedged a chair behind the door to avoid a similar incident. Not the safest thing to do if there was a fire but I had no choice. I didn’t want to take the chance. Once bitten……

If nothing else it made a good story to tell at breakfast. Every time I stop alone in a hotel I always put a bag in front of the door. I hope that the process of moving the bag out of the way would be enough to wake me……so far so good.


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