Dougie Maclean – A Scottish James Taylor?

A Scottish James Taylor? Well this is how he has been described in the past. And to do this, in my opinion, is to do this brilliant singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist a disservice.

You see to me there is no substitute for authenticity. As brilliant as James Taylor is, Dougie just seems more real and writes songs about love, homesickness, loss, his roots and injustice. Yes, James Taylor is great in his own way but, early material aside, has become a little too polished by comparison.

Over the dozen or so albums that he has produced Dougie Maclean he has remained consistent throughout. From his wonderful plaintive voice and amazing guitar playing to some of the most emotive fiddle playing I have heard Dougie has an uncanny knack of connecting with the listener.

Live, he takes things to a whole new level with anecdotes that will make you laugh and cry and a way of engaging with an audience I feel is rare. People go to his concerts to be moved and drawn into the music and Dougie is able to do this with ease.

The best introduction to his music? The Dougie Maclean Collection on  the Putamayo label. This provides a great overview of his work.

If you thought that folk music was old men with beards singing in pubs,  think again. This is real music that speaks to the head and heart. Give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.


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